Physical Security Services

End-to-end physical security and advanced analytics

Enhance your physical security set up with digital video police investigation and video analytics.
Video police investigation are often complicated, however necessary to guard your facility. you would like an answer that permits you to extend the effectiveness of your existing video observation system whereas permitting you scale back the time required to review and answer footage.
IBM Physical security services will assist you enhance your existing video police investigation systems by integration digital video police investigation and video analytics technologies together with your network and IT systems. Our solutions leverage IBM experience and technology to assist you increase the potency of your video closed-circuit television with a climbable, holistic security set up tailored specifically to your business and security objectives. Our capabilities embrace serving to you:
• scale back losses from felony and enhance property safety
• Monitor producing processes to boost quality management
• digitalise and concentrate video content for simple access and review
IBM has in depth expertise in providing end-to-end physical security services for organizations of all sizes. Our security specialists address your individual must give the solutions that best match your business goals. Our comprehensive approach leverages the services and technology that have gained IBM recognition as a security solutions thought leader.

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