Oracle Testing & Quality Assurance

The top two most common software development challenges are insufficient incorporation of the business vision into the code and the code QA by those who define or develop a system.

Best practices recommend role segregation between those who define or develop a system and those who QA the system to ensure objectivity. Moreover, it is imperative to have the QA role as closely lined up with the business unit(s) as possible.

At SecureVault we focus on the business expectations and vision of the application and follow a meticulous methodology to ensure this vision is not lost in translation and is fully adhered to in the code. We utilize a combination of commercially available testing software along with in-house developed QA code.

We utilize a number of commercial and open source products such as:

  • Oracle Application Testing Suite
  • Grid Control Automation
  • HP / Mercury LoadRunner
  • Selenium
  • Watir