OBIEE Performance Management

Business Intelligence tools transform raw data into comprehensible information enabling accurate and effective business decision-making. At SecureVault Consulting, we have a strong understanding and experience in utilizing Oracle’s BI suite of products to achieve this goal. Oracle Business intelligence is a comprehensive platform that performs advanced reporting. This includes specialized dashboards, analytics, predictive analytics, and other advanced features.

The BI Suite of products includes the following components:


The OBIEE application allows customers to gather, store, and analyze data with the objective of making informed business decisions. Included are features such as the decision support system, OLAP, data mining, data warehousing, and reporting. OBIEE includes KPI, agents (& alerts) for automated scheduling, reporting, analysis, and scorecards.

OLAP & Analytics
Used by data warehousing and business intelligence applications, OLAP is an embedded multi-directional calculation engine which allows for centralized management of data and business rules in a unified platform. OLAP cubes deliver complex calculations using straightforward SQL statements and are generally deployed as materialized views, providing enhanced performance when queried against detailed relational tables.

Scorecard & Strategy Management

An extension of the BI suite which is designed for communicating and tracking strategic information across organizations.

Mobile BI

Runs on smart devices which allows integration with back-end business intelligence systems.

Enterprise Reporting
The Oracle dashboard editor allows users to create sophisticated reports simply by using drag and drop functionality. There are multiple reporting methods and tools in the Oracle ecosystem, which are flexible according to the customer’s requirements and the type of data they need to assess. This includes a wide range of data sources such as XML and HTTP feeds, etc.