Technology Strategy Consulting

Achieve business excellence by partnering with SecureVault Consulting and leveraging our IT Strategy Consulting Services. Enterprises are often challenged by maintaining systems while remaining abreast of emerging and more efficient technologies. Oracle Exalogic and Exalytics engineered systems are only two examples of new technology addressing performance issues, deployment time, ease of configuration, redundancy, and disaster recovery in one solution. As a consulting entity focused on remaining abreast of changing technology landscapes, we are able to augment in-house knowledge and assist in setting effective strategic and architectural roadmaps.

Management has traditionally dealt with growing business needs while at the same time having to deliver IT services based on a limited budget. In addition to handling immediate operational needs, IT services must also be on top of the changing technological advancements and understand the latest and greatest products in the market. As we are rapidly approaching the future of computing, having an out-of-the-box IT strategy is vital to the success of the industry.

SecureVault Technology Strategy Consulting Services works both to maximize current investments and technological capacities, while simultaneously keeping you abreast of industry updates.

Our Technology strategy and target operating models have been successful in a wide array of industries globally. Our methodology and best practices ensures effective and successful project implementation.

Our services will address the following key areas for your organization:

  • Technology Strategy Assessment and Roadmap: Define a business-focused IT strategy that delivers value across all business functions
  • Cloud Strategy: Assess the cloud adoption of existing IT infrastructure within an organization to various deployment models
  • Technology Shared Services Strategy: Define an IT shared services operating model, on the basis of a validated business case, service catalogue, charge back mechanisms, risk analysis, IT process mapping and a transition roadmap
  • Technology Sourcing Strategy: Create sourcing optimizations with clear benefits and evaluating vendors, location and pricing models
  • Cost Optimization: Identify cost optimization opportunities across people, process and technology areas
  • Organizational Structure Definition: Create an operational structure by defining accountability, skill, competency and governance through our focus on IT operating model design and people-process-technology across your organization’s transformation lifecycle
  • Demand and Portfolio Management: Ensure that the investment in programs, applications and resources is aligned with your Technology strategy
  • IT Performance Metrics:
    • Map organizational goals to IT goal
    • Design an appropriate IT performance management process
    • Scorecards / Derive measures
    • Define targets
  • IT Health Checks: Assess the health of key IT functions in an organization and arrive at relevant Opportunity for Improvements (OFIs).