While sufficient usability data is available for evaluating enterprise applications, it makes good sense to perform live-testing before any procurement decisions. Unfortunately, the implementation of enterprise applications varies in complexity from complex to extremely complex!

Setting up testing environments can tax your IT staff, infrastructure, and take focus away from running the business. SecureVault Consulting can ease this process of testing, evaluating, and demo’ing enterprise applications.

We offer ready-to-use environments for a number of Oracle and non Oracle applications (i.e. Microsoft, Citrix, etc.) We can also deploy custom configurations that mimic client environments. A thorough testing and comparison process is designed to reduce business risk in the long term.

SecureVault Consulting can not only provide demo environment, but can also assist in your evaluation process. We have extensive experience supporting, implementing, and using many flavors of enterprise applications. Let us work with you to avoid common pitfalls, while being aware of advantages and options which only come through practical experiences.

Along with proper selection, it is important to understand architecture, support, and licensing options – which can have a great impact on the total cost of ownership.