The Requirement Assessment and Application Selection Phase

Are you trying to decide on the proper ERP or Business Application suited for your business? Prior to selecting an enterprise solution, it is important to adequately ascertain business requirements and ensure that the solution fits. In many cases, businesses will choose a commercial offering which may not be the best fit for their particular business model, and may lead to unnecessary costs and headache.

SecureVault Consulting can assist; We aim to engage clients well before the requirement assessment phase and continue through the application selection process. Our expertise and real world experience in implementing enterprise solutions for a wide range of enterprise clients helps to ensure that critical mistakes are not made during this key phase.

One of the differentiating factors with SecureVault is the ability to rapidly provision enterprise applications via our Enterprise Sandbox. This system deploys multiple technologies during the Application Selection phase for comparison and benchmark purposes, which is a huge advantage for our clients.

There are three methods of accessing this service as follows:

  • Self-Driven – A self service selection process to help you decide upon the business solution for your needs.
  • System-Guided – This is an semi automated process which asks you a series of questions to help you decide on the appropriate business solution, and also provides the opportunity to spin up test instances.
  • Fully Guided – This is where we can assist you in the process of reviewing, testing, and selecting the correct business solution that fits your needs.

The SecureVault Application Selection process is built on top of our unique SandBox environment. Our no limit, no-charge, customizable and secure sandbox provides access to the vast array of Oracle suite applications, enabling you to make informed and tested decisions about your business application, which in turn ensures suitability and success of your future application investments.