SecureVault Consulting Big Data OfferingsBig Data

SecureVault Consulting is a specialist solution provider, offering a combination of Professional Services and Training to help enterprise clients unlock the value in complex data. Our team of industry experts and thought leaders in big data technologies including the Apache Hadoop and NoSQL databases, we have the knowledge and experience needed to discover, develop & deliver scalable and reliable solutions, driving powerful business results for their customers.

Consulting Services

SecureVault Consulting services help organizations identify insights, customize business cases, formulate client and situation specific big data strategies, and implement solutions. including:

  • Assessment
  • Strategy and Roadmap
  • Big Data Business Case

SecureVault also offers education and training services as part of its consulting services which includes:

  • Big Data in the Enterprise
  • Overview for Managers
  • Tools and Technologies
  • Analytics
  • Data science
  • MarkLogic Solutions
  • Hadoop Solutions
  • Hartonworks
  • Workshop for Data Engineers

Implementation Services

SecureVault provides Architecture Advisory Service, Proof of Concept and Implementation Services from inception to roll out. We also help to identify the right integration framework and process for handling enterprise data into big data platform. SecureVault develops and tests data integration code, data capture, data curating, data delivery, data analytics and support implement loading and delivery processes.


SecureVault Consulting’s project services include:

  • Setting up, tuning, and managing Infrastructure
  • Integrating data sources into the Big Data environment
  • Developing Architecture
  • Developing Analytics Applications Projects
  • Setting up Information Discovery and Visualization Workflows
  • Implementation Program Management

SecureVault Consulting’s Proof of Concept services include:

  • Management Platforms – Installation and Benchmarking (MarkLogic, Hadoop, and MongoDB)
  • Consolidating and Curating Structured and Unstructured Data
  • Data Mining and Predictive Analytics
  • Information Discovery and Visualization

Managed Services
SecureVault combines knowledge, processes, and technology to enable our clients focus on their core business.  Services include:

  • Remote / onsite monitoring and management of infrastructure
  • Big data capture, curate, and enhance process outsourcing
  • Data mining and predictive analytics processes outsourcing
  • Performance benchmarking services
  • Applications testing and maintenance services
  • Technology evaluation services