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Oracle Security

SecureVault Consulting- Oracle Security & Compliance

At SecureVault consulting, we specialize in implementing and managing Oracle security solutions. The Oracle stack of security applications are geared for managing enterprise business applications.SecureVault

Organizations are increasingly become reliant on Internet, mobile, and cloud-based business applications to run their enterprises. This has caused an exponential increase in the number of security vulnerabilities and potential for security breaches. Managing and meeting compliance & security related requirements has become more challenging than ever..

SecureVault has a unique combination of cyber security expertise as well as deep understanding  and experience in managing enterprise business networks,  databases, and applications.  We also have an in-house development operation which we leverage to develop  security and other toolsets to assist in providing remediation solutions for our customers. Our suite of IT security services can fulfill the compliance, security, and assessment requirements for organizations of any size and type.

We specialize in Oracle ERP applications and databases, along with other technologies such as Microsoft, Citrix, Open Source, etc. We can help to design and build the optimal security solution for each client, leveraging risk and compliance strategies to ensure that organizations are fully compliant.